We need you!

To sponsor work being done at Klein, you can send financial resources, materials, or expertise. Here we have some links for the kinds of sponsorships we think would be most helpful as Klein Arts & Culture launches. If you have other ideas for ways to help, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are grateful for your support, in any form it might take.


Building Support

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As we work to get Klein’s structure stabilized, we are turning to architectural professionals and contractors to maintain the integrity of the building, while also making it safe for the public. Your support helps us true the house, rebuild the chimneys, columns, and patios, and support the porches. More information →


Visitor Materials

As an educational space, we need your help creating pamphlets and a library, educational videos, and a viewing area. We understand history to be complicated and in flux, changing as we more fully understand the narratives that have been erased. That means we need your help to generate new educational materials and resources for our visitors. More information →



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Central to Klein Arts + Culture’s mission is a series of art exhibitions that deal with the South and its many histories and peoples. You can support this mission with production materials, exhibition promotion expenses, and helping to cover artist and curator fees, making Klein a nationally recognized center for art. More information →


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Help us organize the conversations around homecoming, by providing food, drink, support, or time. These homecomings are the heart of Klein’s mission to bring people together. More information →